How to plan the perfect Asian wedding in 2020

Planning a wedding is a difficult task, never mind an Asian wedding! We thought we’d put together a quick blog on how to plan the perfect Asian wedding in 2020.

How to Plan an Asian Wedding in 2020

This blog highlights how to plan an Asian Wedding in First things first, we feel your pain! Planning a wedding is a difficult task, never mind an Asian wedding! We thought we’d put together a quick blog on how to plan the perfect Asian wedding in 2020.

FYI – We visited 100+ weddings last year therefore, we know our stuff! So, roll your sleeves up, make a chai and take some notes.

Pick a date

The first thing to do is to pick a date and TIME! We recommend to always book your wedding dates as early as possible. Some of the top wedding venues in the Midlands fill their diaries quickly, so get in there fast!

Now…TIMING’S, probably the MOST important aspect of any Asian wedding! Please make sure you tell your guests to arrive an hour earlier to reduce the number of late arrivals. You rather have people waiting on you…

In short, if your wedding starts at 1 pm, play it safe and write at 12pm on your invite.

Also, when booking the venue times make sure you give yourself some leeway on the time the wedding finishes. From experience, we had three Rolls Royce’s stuck in Bristol for an extra 4 hours because of delays! To avoid this…book the venue for an extra couple of hours, just to be safe…being chucked out of the venue will not go down well.

Choose the right venue

Have you suddenly found out you have cousins in Scotland? We’ve all been there.

Consider the size of the venue and how many people you want to cater to and please, pay for some spare tables just-in-case your cousins from Scotland turn up with their neighbors.

Get the perfect outfit

Right, now it’s time to focus on you! Push the boat out here, you only get married once (hopefully) so splash some cash. We’d recommend looking for your outfits months before and try and get your order in at least 4 months before the wedding (we’ve heard some horror stories of brides not getting their dress in time).


Every wedding needs some entertainment (and we’re not talking about a fight). We’ve been to weddings that have magicians, dancers, artists, smart mirrors, photobooths, DJ, etc. So, think of something different that people will remember and of course something your future husband or wife will enjoy!


This is probably the most important thing about any wedding! If you want to knock the socks off your guests invest in some decent food. A lot of wedding caters allow you to test the food before you commit…so, shop around, try some food (can’t be bad it’s free) and choose a supplier.

PS…People love to eat! So, always get extra food, if you have some left you can always give it out to neighbors and don’t forget a dessert!


Often, venues will help with this but it’s always good to have an idea of what you want. When you look back at your wedding film and pictures the theme of the venue will stand out massively.

You can always get some inspiration from a simple Google search or Instagram posts.


Other than a headache, this is the second thing you’ll be walking away with after the day is over! So, pick a decent photographer/videographer so you can reminisce 10 years down the line.


Now we’ve got to the exciting part CARS! You NEED to arrive in style, all eyes will be on you and you can’t be turning up in your Uncles 1990 Honda Civic.

Why not book matching Rolls Royce’s for you and your fiancé? Let us take of that for you…give us a call on 0800 0238975 and we’ll get you booked in.

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